Cemetery regeneration

  • Project typeCommunity
  • Project schedule2020 - 2021
Grave with colourful flowers

Regenerating our City cemeteries is helping us plan ahead to provide cemetery services to the community now and in the future.

Regeneration is about finding more burial space within a cemetery. It involves reviewing current designs and identifying opportunities for increased capacity.

Spaces that can regenerated for burial space include reworking:

  • garden areas
  • roadways
  • carparks.

Current use, character, amenity, and the impact of change are all considered as part of the regeneration process.

Southport General Cemetery

Established in 1878, Southport General Cemetery is one of the City's oldest cemeteries. It has a traditional grid layout.

Two internal carparks were replaced with grass and new burial plots in late 2020.

Fill in burial plots along access ways within the cemetery will be undertaken in the future to meet burial plot demand.

During the first half of 2021, work will be undertaken on the western side of the cemetery off Queen Street. It will:

  • deliver an upgraded entry area and 30 car parking spaces
  • take place between March and May 2021.

During work, access to the cemetery will be from the entry gates on Twohill Lane (opposite the Southport State School).

Other work to the existing grassed access-way running north from the hexagonal shelter will:

  • replace the aged trees with additional burial plots. Mature trees that are in good health will be retained.
  • renew some areas of the gardens throughout the cemetery.

Southport Lawn Cemetery

Regeneration of the Southport Lawn Cemetery took place in 2020.

The work included replacement of:

  • the northern section of the internal road with grass and new burial plots.
  • some existing garden areas and trees with additional burial plots.

This work ensures continual burial plot demand can be met.

New trees will be planted along the internal roadways to make up for removal of the existing trees and garden beds within the burial areas.

We thank you for your patience during this time.


Southport General Cemetery, 237 Queen Street, Southport 4215  
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