Abandoned vehicles & goods

Not sure what action to take to report abandoned vehicles or goods?

Want to know about surrendering a vehicle to us or getting your vehicle back?

Find out what steps to take.

Abandoned vehicles

You can report abandoned vehicles left on public land, including roadsides, to Council for investigation and removal.


Surrender your vehicle

Complete an application to surrender a vehicle.

Find and release impounded vehicles and goods

We publish details of impounded vehicles and goods held by Council. Find details of how to apply for release of vehicles and goods.

Apply for release of impounded vehicle or goods

Impounded vehicle auctions

Impounded vehicles, if held for some time, will be put up for sale at online auctions.

The dates of the next auctions have not yet been scheduled.

Details will be included here when available.

Abandoned shopping trolleys

If you find an abandoned shopping trolley and you can see what shop the trolley came from, please contact the business directly.

If you find a shopping trolley on public land and it has no identifiable store markings, report it online.